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In 2012 I made a documentary film about 11 visual artists from 6 country get together in Tehran. They wanted to engage in dialogue and to explore the possibilities of exchanging ideas and knowledge across ethnic, regional and artistic borders.
The first artist to arrive is Sarah Hatahet, a young talented artist from Jordan. After her the others arrive one by one. Gargi Raina, an established artist from India, Richard Penn, a brilliant painter from South Africa, Yang Jian, a highly experimentalist artist from China, and Ali Cherri, a smart creative visual artist from Lebanon.
The Iranian artists: Hamed Rashtian, a prestigious sculptor, Pooneh Oshidari, a smart painter and illustrator, Katayoun Karami, a creative photographer, Mahmoud Mahroumi, another sculptor and installation artist, Amin Davaie, a young visual artist, and Babak Kazemi, a photographer. All of them have a tendency to share their ideas with guest artists and make the atmosphere comfortable for the guest artists and each other to work.

Director, Cinematographer & Editor: Arvin Ilbeigi
Assistant Director: Yasaman Tamizkar
Editing Consulltant: Majid Asheghi
Photographer: Mehdi Vosoughnia
Producer: Arvin Ilbeigi
Produced By Mohsen Galleru & Rybon Art Center
2012, 47min

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